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Reporting, journalism, news, and creative nonfiction; these are the noble pursuits that will endure through the ages. To write of events is to gift an audience with a knowledge of the world, people, and culture. 

I was asked to join the staff at the Montgazette in early 2019. I eagerly joined knowing that if anything it would great practice and motivation to keep writing. 

What I didn't expect was simply how much I would enjoy it. 

I was assigned to reviews early on after my editors recognized my passion for words and hyper-description, and I was grateful because in that aspect of the Montgazette, I had the freedom to write in the ways I love the most.


I began to expound in great detail my passions on books, film, theater, and opera, covering as many events as I could. I was eager to find the next show or book that I could write about, knowing that the readers could gain a wide understanding and glimpse that far surpassed the words on the page.   

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