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Short stories carry condensed worlds, fractions of an instant, and brief dalliances, the lives within simply awaiting recognition. 

I began writing short stories in 2016 back in Richmond. It was the culmination of literary inspiration and a restlessness of my daily meanderings in my journal. 

At my measly, tattered oak desk with a black fountain pen, I first produced "The Bartender." It was a short tale of an insecure patron's infatuation with a bartender, the whole of which is told from his point of view. Upon finishing the story, I remember reading it over and over and feeling the exuberance of creating something I felt proud of, not really knowing if it was any good or even worth someone else's read. 

I recall reading the short story aloud to an audience of my closest on plenteous occasions, mostly to positive receptions. 

Later I realized that whether the story was fine or not was irrelevant. The flame had been ignited. That first story set things in motion, my creative pursuits and passionate love for writing short stories. 

Here you find my later works, tales of love, horror, irony, and real life; a list of a few from the past years, including a revamped, re-edited, finer version of that first one that set it all off. 

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