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26 year old based in Montgomery County, PA

Writing and reading are but two sides of a singular page, and from that page grows an unceasing flame in my chest, inextinguishable and forever.

For the past four years, I have dived into the world of literature, and in doing so discovered an unwavering passion: writing. I began in Richmond, Virginia, multitudes of tiny journals slowly closing with the ink still wet on the pages. Then, a short story here and there. But it was not until I moved to Philadelphia where I dove headfirst into the world of creative writing.

            At Montgomery Community College, I took every writing course I could as well as courses in literature, and rapidly I began cultivating my craft. I headed the Writers’ Room and joined the staff of the Montgazette, the school newspaper and began quickly putting out articles. Because the staff recognized my flare for description, I was assigned to cover reviews. In the span of less than a year, I produced over six different articles, reviews ranging from opera and theater performances, to movies and, of course, books.            

            In the summer of 2018, a letter of mine titled “This Isn’t a Love Letter, I Swear” was published on the popular Thought Catalog, an online journal and creative writing blog that masses approximately 34 million monthly visitors. My letter was a fictional account of a young man writing his sweetheart, meagerly attempting to describe his feelings toward her.

In the spring of 2019, I won the Pat Nestler Creative Writing Award in the fiction category for a short story entitled Scenes of Ecstasy, a one-page story depicting chronologically vignettes of an unnamed young man as he experiences formative moments of his life. I was awarded with a grant of five-hundred dollars as a prize.

            In the fall of 2019, I began leading the Writers’ Room as President of the club, as well as continued to make monthly contributions to the newspaper. All the while, I dove deeper into the world of creative writing and literary analysis, as I could find no other pursuit better suited for my interests and passions. 

            In the spring of 2020, I won the Patricia Nestler Creative Writing Award again, this time in the poetry category for a poem entitled "Fall." That spring I graduated summa cum laude with an Associate's degree in Liberal Studies. 

            In the fall, I began studying as an English major at Temple University. 


         I read everyday, and I write everyday, simply put, and at the moment I have multiple works in progress: a novella, a few short stories, and a number of essays, both critical and opinion-based. In the next five years, I plan to complete my studies at university, possibly obtain a Master's, and delve into longer projects. 

       It is not the end that I have in sight, but the journey that takes me there, as that famous cliché goes. 

Birthdate: February 17th, 1994


Temple University - English Major




Virginia Commonwealth University

Montgomery County Community College - Associate's Degree in Liberal Studies




4.0 GPA; Deans List; Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society

Pat Nestler Creative Writing Award Fiction Category

Pat Nestler Creative Writing Award Poetry Category


instagram: @russellmagee

goodreads: Russell Magee

soundcloud: RVMA


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